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Mine's Rob. Let's not be strangers for much longer.
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Have you ever worked with a coach before? What was your experience like? *

What are your expectations when working with a health coach? *

On a scale from 1 to 10, how competitive would you say you are? *

One being, I couldn't care less if I win at anything. 
Ten being, I'm known to get in screaming matches during a Monopoly game.

Have you ever tried a weight loss program in the past? *

If so, which ones have you tried and how did it go?
What is your goal and how long are you giving yourself to accomplish it? *

Be as specific as possible. I love details!
What would you say is your biggest obstacle in achieving your goal weight? *

Why do you want to lose weight? What’s the biggest reason, and be honest, why you personally want to lose weight? (there’s no wrong answer here) *

Current weight and height? *

Don’t be shy {{answer_VkhD}}...I want to help people who need the most help.
How committed to losing weight are you? *

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